On June 13, 1993 at Eagle Rock CA, during the annual local tournament,
there was a game played featuring one of the greatest offensive
outbursts in recorded Scrabble history.  Club 44 director
Alan Stern, the
top rated player in the event, was defeated by
Mark Landsberg 770-338.  

The winning score was and still is the highest(OSPD dictionary) in
tournament play, hence an official game.  Their combined scores tallying
1,108 points was a record for tournaments lasting until 2009 and was
recognized in the
Guinness Book of World Records.  The former official
club record of 1,111, since surpassed in 2006, was achieved at Club 44.  
A link for that game can be found at the top of this page.

The game featured Landsberg's five bingos(Stern had two) including
most certainly the never reproduced three consecutive turns of a
triple-triple, double-double and triple-triple bingos garnering 405 points
on those three moves alone.  Click
here to see how this game unfolded.
770 Game