2017 North American SCRABBLE Championship
Can't remember who you played at the last Nationals or what your won-lost record was?
Trying to recall that beautiful game-winning bingo you had vs. someone sporting a higher rating? Need to
prove that the only reason you didn't win enough games was the lack of blanks drawn?

With the
TournamentTracker you'll answer those questions and more!  On a standard 81/2 x 11 sheet printed
on both sides(best to use heavier paper or card stock) you'll be able to account for all of the important stats
through each of the 31 rounds played in New Orleans. Record your opponent's rating, how many of the power
tiles you drew and also the bingos that both you and your opponent played for each game.  And, when the
NASC is finished you can easily tally up the final totals and averages of your games.  It's that easy!

Click on the link below to view the
TournamenTracker in .pdf format.  Print and enjoy!

2017 NASC TournamenTracker